DevOps Transformation


DevOps is used to develop, test, and deliver digital services and applications to business departments with increased frequency and efficiency. Bringing Lean thinking and automation together with advanced technologies, practices, and tools, DevOps transformation accelerates business results. It creates alignment and collaboration between Development and Operations to optimize quality and value delivery.

Our consultants align your Development and Operations teams to optimize quality delivery by bringing Lean principles and automation together with advanced technologies and tools. Our consultants leverage practices from Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Extreme Programming, Theory of Constraints, and Lean Product Development. Our capabilities include:

  • Advisory and Strategy – align operations with business challenges; instill a service culture shared by development, test, and operations teams
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment Coaching – develop shared processes to streamline delivery; share best practices on AWS and Azure platforms: choice of target platform, interfacing with existing systems, security, etc.
  • DevOps Platform Design – evaluate current capabilities and help build a path to release value rapidly, effortlessly on demand; select, test and assemble the best components – open source or proprietary
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