Enterprise Technologies

Enterprise Technologies can be defined as the solutions and processes used by businesses to share data across an organization. Selecting the appropriate tools to manage your data can be crucial to the success of a modern business. K3 Solutions can help you choose the right solutions that fit within your enterprise now, and in the future.

Enterprise Technologies align the following key areas:

  • Business: Processes, strategies, organization charts, and functions
  • Information: Conceptual, logical and physical data models to show what information is needed and how it relates to other information For example, a customer and an order
  • Application: Portfolios, interfaces, and services
  • Infrastructure: Network concept diagrams, technology reference models

The future of enterprise technology is holistic and business facing, necessitating the use of comprehensive modeling tools that allow for the analysis and optimization of business strategy, operational models, business processes, tasks and activities, information flows, applications, and technology infrastructure.

Our capabilities include: