Software Engineering

software-engineerIn today’s digital and network-centric environment, information has never been so plentiful or so easy to acquire. What’s important now is not simply access, but the ability to manage information – to interpret, move, and manipulate vast amounts of data – to anticipate critical situations. Fortune 500 companies and Government agencies often require experienced engineers and developers to help maintain a sophisticated array of software applications to meet diverse administrative, management and mission needs.

K3 Solutions’ software engineering team designs, develops, integrates and implements software and Web applications that enable our clients to achieve their business goals. Our consultants are highly skilled in various life-cycle methodologies and specialize in delivering service-oriented architectures on a J2EE platform.

As an SEI partner, our software engineers follow a structured design and development approach that combines SEI/CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9000 standards. We are committed to building the highest quality products using repeatable, proven processes so we can successfully deliver against budget and scheduling requirements. We begin each project with a rigorous analysis of business and user needs to clarify requirements before selecting, building or implementing a solution. Because we emphasize user-centric designs, our products require minimal learning and increase user productivity and satisfaction. Through our proven methodology, we consistently deliver highly scaleable, full system lifecycle solutions that meet client needs and expectations.